For bloggers

Who can sign up for Blog My Talent?
Do you have a personal or professional blog? Are you a junkie for music and culture? If so, welcome to the club!

How do I sign up for Blog My Talent?
Complete the registration form to create a blogger account, and once we validate it, just add your blog(s). Allow an average of 24 hours for your blog to be validated by a member of the Blog My Talent team. Create your blogger account now !

How can I earn money and how much?
With each online posting of a campaign you’re eligible for (according to your blog category), you’ll receive an alert asking you to post an item on the artist (video, bio, news item, etc.). No rewrites necessary! You’ll be supporting young talents and get money for every item you post, following its approval by our team. A form for sending your link is available in your blogger account for every campaign you apply for.

When and how will I be paid?
You’ll be paid at the end of every month, don't forget to add your paypal email to your profile.

What should I do if my blog isn’t validated?
If your blog(s) isn’t validated by one of our administrators, it means it didn’t meet the Blog My Talent criteria. However, if you think your blog should be part of our panel, don’t hesitate to contact us.